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青銅 / Bronze







The form of prayer has remained unchanged for as long as 3000 years. People pray for their daily lives, although their ideological and religious sensibilities may differ. The tao-tie engravings on the surface of ancient bronze vessels evoke a profound sense of life's form, bordering on vivid.


Amidst the ever-changing world, it's within the confines of my home where I perceive life's reality most acutely. Confronted with the new life sprouting from a seed, I am more keenly aware than ever of my own finitude. This work was created by digging in the sand by hand, drawing lines, and pouring metal. The process of scratching and shaping the earth feels more like capturing traces than crafting something new.It is similar to the process of making bronze and gold patterns, calligraphy, and seal engraving. It is a record of a human species, a kind of seed that cannot be expressed in words. In the fourth industrial revolution,

people are approaching a world without substance and without reality. One person at a time, now I was here.


「泉屋ビエンナーレ2023 Resonation -響きあう聲-」会場風景

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